Notify me of the lawyer you will be using and I will fax your accepted Agreement of Purchase and Sale to your lawyer.

Contact your lawyer's office to let them know the names and date of births of the persons who will be buying the home.

Arrange mortgage financing, if required, and advise your lender to send all mortgage documents to your lawyer's office at least 3 weeks before the scheduled closing date, if possible.

Obtain home insurance coverage for your new home at least 2 weeks before the scheduled closing date.

Contact your telephone and cable company a few weeks before closing to arrange for setup at your new home. 

Contact the water, gas and hydro, telephone and cable company to advise them of the ownership change.

If you own your present home; 

and the water heater is rented, arrange for a transfer of the rental agreement to the purchaser.

arrange to have your gas, water and electric meters read on the day you leave and have the bills forwarded to your new address.

If you rent your present home;

Give the necessary written notice to your landlord and make arrangements for the return of any money you may have on deposit.

Get the "Change of Address" cards from the post office and send out well before the moving day and arrange with the post office to have your mail forwarded to the new address

Cancel any contracted services and pre-authorized cheques

Inform newspapers, magazines and other home services when to start deliver at your new address

Change the address on your driver's license, effective the day of your move

Safely dispose of all flammable liquids

There is no guarantee that you will obtain the keys to your new house prior to 5:30 p.m. on the day of closing, therefore book your movers accordingly.

 Calculate the amount of money that you need to bring to your lawyer's office to purchase the home (the closing funds). Your lawyer's office can provide you with an estimate if you need one and will provide you with the final figures a few days before closing.

Obtain a bank draft or certified cheque for the closing funds.

Attend your lawyer's office for you appointment one or two days before closing, bring the closing funds and two pieces of ID (one with picture, not a health card).

   **Information provided is to be used as a guideline and is not deemed to be complete and accurate Information , is meant to be used as a guideline and is subject to change without notice

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